3 days ago

Hackathon Starts TOMORROW: Teams & Office Hours

Hello BLM Hackathees,

Tomorrow the first GLOBAL Black Lives Matter Hackathon begins!

If you haven’t been placed into the team (size 1-5), join our discord server and post an introduction, your potential project idea, and your skillset on the #team-search channel and we will make sure to coordinate efforts to place you on a team by tonight..

Caitie Sullivan, Program Manager at SAP (caitie.sullivan@sap.com), and Joseph Ham, Operations & Experience Lead at SAP’s Silicon Valley Next Talent Program (SVNT) (joseph.ham@sap.com) are providing Presentation Consultations to coach with pitching+presenting your product, so teams make sure to…

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12 days ago

BLM Hackathon Pushed Back A Week Due to Support and Scaling

Hello BLM Hackathon Particpants,

Throughout this past week we have gotten tremendous support from corporations, students, citizens, non-profits, and competitors for the first GLOBAL Black Lives Matter Hackathon. Although we originally had this idea a week ago, we’ve already put together everything we need for a successful hackathon. Considering the deadline submissions were supposed to start on July 6 (this Monday) many potential corporate sponsors did not have time to complete the necessary paperwork to fulfill a financial obligation. At the same time, many people have been donating to the Hackathon’s goFundMe for a ($1000) People’s Choice award with…

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