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about 1 year ago

Sign Up for DeFiSummer: Social Justice Through Decentralized Banking

A path for economic empowerment of all people is increasing access to global banking and revolutionizing traditional banking systems that have high barriers to entries for marginalized populations. Well now you can help build solutions that achieve this and celebrate with the all summer blockchain extravaganza - DeFiSummer! DeFiSummer kicks off its learning month on June1st with workshops, office hours, mentorship, and more (all June). July (until August 15th) is the start of the build, where you can team up with developers all around the world to build on the leading blockchain protocols in decentralized finance. If you are interested in revolutionizing money and making global banking accessible for all, get involved in the Minority Programmers organized season long event. Not just coding, there is also an NFT art and blockchain consultancy prize track with crypto prizes, job opportunities and more! Hackathons are the best way to get involved in the industry, meet friends, learn something new, and build something cool! All ages, all are welcome from all backgrounds. Register for DeFi Summer, find a team, and learn how to build blockchain apps this summer!


Sign Up today on and join the discord where you can meet a team, talk to devs, share ideas, ask questions, and start getting involved in this emerging sector!         




The Minority Programmers Hackathon Committee