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about 2 years ago

BLM Hackathon Pushed Back A Week Due to Support and Scaling

Hello BLM Hackathon Particpants,

Throughout this past week we have gotten tremendous support from corporations, students, citizens, non-profits, and competitors for the first GLOBAL Black Lives Matter Hackathon. Although we originally had this idea a week ago, we’ve already put together everything we need for a successful hackathon. Considering the deadline submissions were supposed to start on July 6 (this Monday) many potential corporate sponsors did not have time to complete the necessary paperwork to fulfill a financial obligation. At the same time, many people have been donating to the Hackathon’s goFundMe for a ($1000) People’s Choice award with the remaining contributions going toward the grand prize. So in order to raise additional funds for prizes and recruit more competitors we have decided to push all the dates listed, a week back. This means the deadline submission will officially open on (Monday) July 13 - (Sunday) August 2 with the winner announced on the Minority Programmers Youtube on Sunday August 9th, 1PM EST.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on our discord channel or the discussion forum.



The Minority Programmers Team